A ndrew Lords

Design for Sharing

Architecture for Δlternative Tenures and Living Arrangements

Metropolitan areas around the world are experiencing a return of residents to the city centre. As we begin to densify Central London, imperative areas of focus for residential development should include: permeability and mobility, inclusivity and economic diversity, delivery of a wider urban benefit to new residents and the existing population, and support of a sense of belonging. With nearly one fifth of Central London households reporting a shared living arrangement, an architecture for sharing could have the potential to address those issues, while also requiring a level of commitment and participation that can help keep our city centre residential developments inhabited rather than sold as investments.

This project combines sixty-thousand square meters of residential space with twenty-thousand square meters of services - culinary establishments, health and wellbeing centres, civic and council facilities, and a public library – on a two hectare plot directly adjacent to the Mornington Crescent Underground Station in London’s Borough of Camden. The research aims to explore an attitude towards design for sharing, with an approach to typology and morphology that is rooted in the question of commitment and engagement. Residential typologies are investigated in a cross fertilization with other genres and functions – such as primary schools or workspace environments – where a quality of sharing occurs from individual spaces to various sizes of collective environments.